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The beholders of the future, children having a fickle mind yet having a tenacious tendency, are the clay the older generations hold to mold. With yoga, Dr. Archika Didi aims to inculcate discipline and help them develop a sharp sense of mind and their surrounding with a balanced mind, body, and soul to be able to remain focused and flexible with mind and body. The young minds have vast opportunities in front to explore, with yoga one learns how to maneuver one’s way through the hindrances since an early age with a sharp mind developed and having mind, body, and soul existing in harmony. To make yoga fun for the kids, Life Pathway hosts yoga classes at Omkareshwar Mahadev temple, on every weekend and the course is specially designed in a fun filled manner of a story to tell and an adventure to go on. These sessions cater up to 50-70 kids and many sessions are even commanded by a young girl of the age 10, who has received extensive training from Dr. Archika Didi herself. With this, a month long yoga camp is hosted every day during summer vacation where many yogic activities are conducted to make learning fun.


The young blood full of energy and aggression, is what today’s youth is, to help maintain the calm and the cool of the leaders on the road of making, Dr. Archika Didi through Life Pathway sets out to help them channelize their energy in the right direction with a cool head. Inspiring the youth with Lord Shiva, the ultimate yogi, she designs a special course of yoga for the youth to be able to master their mind and keep their calm. Having many psychological benefits along with the toning of the physique, the youth learns to create an equilibrium of their mind, body, and soul to maintain a peaceful state of being and focussed to function in the most effective and efficient manner. For the youth, special techniques designed of Hatha Yoga are conducted at Anand Dham Ashram, New Delhi, in the tranquil arena for the best results and total relaxation of the mind.

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Dr. Archika Didi’s compassion for women always reaches out and after an extensive research with careful observation of the lifestyle of an average woman of the metro city; Dr. Didi designed a woman-centric yoga schedule. The aim of the custom designed sessions to improve the mental and physical health, as it is observed that women, after the age of 30 years, lack bone density and develop a weaker immune system. For women, many yoga camps have been frequently hosted over the years especially for women in Delhi and NCR areas to reach out to them and help them realize how necessary it is for them to cater to their body and to maintain a balance between their mind and body to cut through the stress with Hatha yoga. Moreover, regular morning yoga classes have been ongoing for women at Omkareshwar Mahadev Temple, Delhi, from Monday to Friday every week.


Open to all, regular yoga sessions spread out globally are hosted for the masses. Numerous retreats amidst the Himalayan laps and at the hearts of Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh, Dr. Archika Didi has set out with Life Pathway’s blissful meditation sessions to cater to every soul’s calling. Flying out internationally to USA, Hong Kong, Singapore, Canada and Bangkok, Dr. Archika Didi has hosted yoga camps year after year with every soul to be experiencing the reverberating vibes of purity through them. Regular sessions and camps are hosted at Omkareshwar Mahadev temple and Anand Dham Ashram where Dr. Archika Didi conducts specially designed techniques of Hatha Yoga on a regular basis.



Life pathway is striving to bring the quality change in the lives of intellectually disabled people by organizing spiritual Yoga sessions for the especially able people of all ages. Practicing yoga will help them to channel a flow of positivity into their body and will also give them immense strength & perfect head start for giving a head clash to the difficulties of life. Life pathway extrapolated the need to embellish the lives of these especially able people with powerful sparks of yoga, which will give a boom to their self- confidence and will brandish the word disability from their minds. Yoga is not just an extracurricular activity but a therapy that addresses the learning and developmental limitations in people with special needs. Yoga contributes a lot as a therapy for both physical and mental well-being of a differently-able person. By learning the different techniques of yoga will heal their mental wounds and improve the flexibility of their body.